Band Bio

What do the Goonies, Chewbacca, and Star Trek’s The Borg all have in common? They’re all nerdy pop punk songs released by the Atlanta based band, Hyperspace!

Hyperspace is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Jason Kochis, drummer Ryan Paul, and bassist Kayvan Sarikhani who have been rocking out the southeast corner of the U.S. for a little over a decade.

The geeky rock trio has performed at large and small venues alike, specifically ATL’s Star Bar, Criminal Records, multigenre convention DragonCon, and even embarked on a tour through Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Florida.

In addition to live performances, Hyperspace has released 4 studio albums. Most recently, they celebrated their long-standing musical career with a remixed and remastered compilation album of their favorites, Retrograde.

Rave Reviews from Across The Galaxy

“Start a riot, music lovers! There’s a new Nagus of Nerdcore! The band Hyperspace released their fourth album, Emulator, to delight and incite fans across the galaxy. Hearkening to the fast-paced rhythms and stripped-down sound of nascent punk from the ’70s and ’80s (and let’s be fair, some ’90s too!)” - Geek to Geek Media

“The power-pop vibes leave us feeling nostalgic and reminiscing on the early 2000’s while tapping our fingers and toes to the instrumentation. The bounce and pep in our step when listening to their albums leaves us wanting more.” - Buzz Music

“Pretty melodies that tell the amorous misadventures, Star Wars, Goonies, Avril Lavigne and other increasingly strong trumpeting similar arguments a certain pride in being nerdy.” - Salad Days Magazine

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